PRP Services

We are Helping Hands

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) begins where therapy ends.  We work to assist individuals living with mental illness to reach a higher level of independence. The PRP programs assist participants with accessing and coordinating services and resources in their communities and works to ensure that each individual has access to the best possible treatment and care.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the program is to promote recovery, resiliency, and empowerment of the individual so that they may function successfully and live as independently as possible in the community of their choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals the necessary skills and support that will enable them to enhance the quality of their life, and to pursue personally valued roles in their living, learning, work and social environments.


A community, recovery-focused psychiatric rehabilitation program serving children and adults with mental illness—services include a day program, residential rehabilitation, a mental health vocational program, and support for independent living.


Facilitating the enhancement of an individual’s independent living and social skills, including the individual’s ability to make decisions about his or her life, while creating opportunities for choice regarding home, school or work, or community; and promoting community resources to integrate the individual into the community.

Improved Quality of Life

To enable participants to feel more confident in employment and work environments.  Provides an opportunity for each participant to gain insights into handling their disability in various situations, as to not feel awkward. Skills training programs are invaluable in helping many people overcome shyness – so they can build better lives.

Community Integration

Designed to help people feel part of their community again – in their personal lives and their work. An activity center, a day program and a drop-in center are examples of community integration services.